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Global Times: S&ED Should Pave the Way for Xi Jinping’s Visit to the U.S.

Prior to this month’s China-US Strategic and Economic Dialogue (S&ED), Global Times, which is affiliated with People’s Daily, published an editorial outlining Beijing’s goals in the current round of dialogue. 

To begin with, the S&ED should pave the way for Chinese President Xi Jinping’s visit to the US in September. As a major event concerning Sino-US relations and the last chance for talks during a state visit within Obama’s tenure, the visit will set the tone and lay a foundation for bilateral relations in the post-Obama era. 
Second, both China and the US need to cool the heated issues between the two through this high-level comprehensive dialogue. At the top of the agenda should be the South China Sea issue and cyber security. 
In addition, the S&ED should be used to abate strategic mutual distrust. 
Last, both countries should strive for a breakthrough in setting rules for economic cooperation. 
This is the first time [from the historic perspective] that China deals with the No. 1 power in the world to manage the relations of two powers. We cannot be that certain whether how much the potential harm would be to China based on the other side’s preventative measures and "containment." Nor are we too clear whether the mistruct between China and the US is something that can be solved, or it is something that is bound to exist between major powers, and thus has to be accepted and managed. We cannot even be sure whether the US irrational reaction to China’s rise can be resolved with reasoning, or it can only be handled through compitition based on strength. 
Sources: Global Times and Huanqiu.