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CRN: U.S. Is Sowing Discord Rather Than Resolving Disputes in the South China Sea

On July 16, 2015, China Review News (CRN) published a commentary on the U.S. involvement in the South China Sea. It stated that, as the U.S. gets more and more involved in South China Sea issues, it actively pushes its own geostrategic agenda. 

According to the commentary, the U.S.’ strategic goal is to maintain its hegemony in the Western Pacific region by maintaining military control over the South China Sea and the political legitimacy of such control. The U.S. actively uses the disputes China has with Vietnam and the Philippines over sovereignty in the South China Sea islands and reefs to implement a strategic entry point for the U.S. to contain China. The U.S. provides political, economic, and military assistance to Vietnam and the Philippines to contend with China. “In fact, the United States does not come to solve the South China Sea issues, but to use the South China Sea issues to sow discord between China and the ASEAN countries.” 
Source: China Review News, July 16, 2015