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Military Expert: U.S. New Nuclear Submarine Poses a Big Threat to China

Following the U.S. National Interest magazine report that the U.S. Navy is developing a new ballistic missile submarine to replace the existing fleet "Ohio" class ballistic missile submarine, CCTV conducted an interview of Chinese military experts Yin Zhuo and Cai Weidong. Yin Zhuo said that the U.S. cruise missile submarine is to be used to fight big wars against big countries like Russia or China. The weapon will pose a great threat to China. Cao Weidong expressed the belief that the United States’ development of the submarine is not intended to replace the aircraft carrier. The U.S. military can make use of nuclear submarines carrying cruise missiles, quietly move to the doorway of other countries, and implement long-range precision strikes. Cao said that the U.S. needs to set up a powerful "enemy" like China so as to develop its combat capability. 

Source: People’s Daily, October 27, 2015