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Research Report by Chinese Scholar: U.S. Food Weapon Is Approaching China

Xinhua newspaper International Herald Turbine reports: after one year’s research at the farms in the United States, Zhou Li, associate professor at the Institute of Agriculture and Development of China’s People’s University, has completed his report “The Food Politics and Food Weapon of the United States.” He concluded that in the current international food crisis, a well-schemed “conspiracy” (by the U.S) was neglected by the international media. He said that “the monopolized manipulation by the world’s food giants is the real reason behind the food crisis.” And “in the developed countries under the United States, the big food companies have formed ‘Food Empire’ and have controlled the politics and economy of many developing countries.” He believes that food crisis is the result of the Empire’s expansion and that U.S.’s food conspiracy has already affected China.
Source: Xinhua, June 18, 2008