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People’s Daily: U.S. Deploys P-8 in Singapore to Expand the Scope of Monitoring in South China Sea

According to a report from People’s Dailyon December 7 to 14, [2015], the United States deployed the P-8A "Poseidon" anti-submarine patrol aircraft in Singapore for the first time. In an interview, military expert Yin Zhuo told CCTV‘s "Asia Today" that the U.S. deployment of the P-8A in Singapore would allow it to control a wide range in the South China Sea and it could take the opportunity to sell more P-8As and win over the neighboring countries in the South China Sea to deal jointly with China. China’s Foreign Ministry responded that the U.S.’s action of strengthening its military deployment and promoting regional militarization does not comply with the common and long-term interests of the countries in the [related] region. China’s Defense Ministry Information Office also said that China will pay close attention to developments related to the issue and hopes that bilateral defense cooperation is conducive to regional peace and stability, rather than the reverse. 

People’s Daily noted that the process of the P-8A’s gradual deployment has been almost simultaneous with the Obama administration’s service of the Asia-Pacific rebalancing strategy. 
By the end of 2013, six P-8As arrived at Japan’s Kadena Air Base in Okinawa. Japan became the first overseas deployment of the P-8A patrol aircraft. The U.S. and Singapore’s decision on December 7 means that, in addition to Japan and the Philippines, the U.S. military’s P-8A now has one more deployment location in the Western Pacific. 

Yin Zhuo said, "A long time ago, the United States had plans to deploy military forces in Singapore and has never given up its plans." The U.S., using the excuse of anti-terrorism and stabilizing the South China Sea, has deployed a Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) at Singapore’s Changi base. To control the Strait of Malacca over a larger range, surface ships alone are not enough. The United States needs to deploy the P-8A patrol aircraft in Singapore. 
Source: People’s Daily, December 9, 2015