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Global Times: U.S. Department of Commerce Issued Administrative Subpoena to Huawei

Global Times recently reported that the U.S. Department of Commerce has issued an administrative subpoena to Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei, asking for full records from the past five years on exports to Iran, Syria, Cuba, and Sudan. This was to assist in an investigation into a potential violation of the U.S. legal restrictions on telecommunications technology exports. The subpoena has been officially delivered to Huawei’s U.S. headquarter in Dallas, Texas. The investigation is to find out whether Huawei resold U.S. communications technologies to banned countries. The Department of Commerce has not charged Huawei with any wrong-doing. Global Times quoted the British Magazine The Economist and said the U.S. is playing the “national security card,” is once again tied to protectionism, and it is expressing the needs of its politicians. Another Chinese communications company ZTE was recently found guilty in a similar investigation.
Source: Global Times, June 3, 2016