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Xinhua Commentary: Abusing Ourselves Is Not Being Patriotic

Recently Beijing rejected The Hague’s ruling on the South China Sea dispute between China and Philippines. Chinese, thinking the United States was behind it, soon spread anti-American fury from the Internet to real life: Boycott American Kentucky Fried Chicken and smash iPhones become a way to show patriotism. 

On July 18, 2016, Xinhua, a news organ of the China’s central government, published a commentary titled “Xinhua Sharp Commentary: Abusing Ourselves Is Not Being Patriotic.” The commentary persuaded readers not to break the normal social order or damage compatriots’ personal belongings.
“Some Internet users claim they are being patriotic when they smash IPhones, boycott KFC, and other such acts. This is not the right way to express patriotism.”
According to the Xinhua commentary, the pragmatic and effective way to express patriotism is to turn patriotic ideas into rational actions, for everyone to do a good job at their work, and to contribute to national development in a down to earth way.
Xinhua, July 18, 2016