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ChinaNews: Chinese Associations in US Denounce the Tibetan Separatists

This front page article of China News cited a report from “Qiao Bao” (“Oversea Chinese Daily”), a US-based newspaper backed by Beijing, that Chinese Associations in the DC area have expressed their “grave anger” towards “the very few” “Tibetan separatists” who committed “criminal acts” in Tibet as well as recent “terrorist attacks” on overseas Chinese consulate buildings. An official statement released by the US Fujian Fellowship Association calls for overseas Chinese to “defend the embassy and consulates of the motherland and to protect the safety of our diplomats”, according to the article. A joint statement from the Washington DC Council for Promotion of Peaceful Reunification of China and the Greater DC Friends of Xinjiang Association expressed “grave anger” towards “certain Western media” for “intentional misleading reporting” on the Tibet incident and called for Western politicians “not to be cheated by Dalai clique”.

Source: China News, March 23, 2008