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CRI: France’s Attitude Towards China Made 180 Degrees Change

“France’s attitude towards China has made 180 degrees change”, cited China Radio International (CRI) referring to a special program aired by French Television Station France 2 on October 9. The program was about Dalai Lama on his “autocracy ruling of Tibet” and the “little known secrets” including his connection with the CIA. There was another negative program aired earlier about Dalai by France television 24.

The article by CRI said that the move by France 2 is a continuation of series actions taken by Sarkozy in order to repair the damage done during the Olympic torch in Paris which include the “distinguished guest” treatment to the Chinese paralympian Jin Jing and the resignation of Robert Ménard as the founder of “reporter without border”.

The anti-China force has significantly damaged the France- China relationship, cited the article. While France was leading the effort, it found itself being the minority on the world stage.  The sensible gesture taken by the US and UK in foreign affairs has taught Sarkozy a good lesson… Facing the current financial crisis, it is once again put China in a very important position. As the gravity of the crisis remains unknown, the reliance on China could be long term”, the article said.

Source: China Radio International, October 17, 2008