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Sarkozy Said to be Ungrateful for the Favor China Did Him in 2004

French President Sarkozy’s meeting with the Dalai Lama has drawn attacks by media in China.  One example is an article by China Review News which described Sarkozy as a person who has "changed his face too many times and is ungrateful for the favor that China gave to him in 2004".

In the article, Cai Fangbo, China’s former ambassador to France disclosed that in 2004 when he was ready to run for president, Sarkozy, then the France’s interior minister, requested to have a meeting with Hu Jintao during his trip to visit China. Hu granted the request despite the difference in the political ranking. After Sarkozy was elected, he was said to "have repeatedly expressed his gratitude towards the favor he received".  "But in 2008, Sarkozy has held up the anti-China flag and led the France-China relationship downhill.  China has shown great tolerance to him but he hasn’t returned the favor.  Sarkozy uses tactics to gain political advantage and will eventually loss his credibility” the article wrote.

Source: China Review News, November 30, 2008