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Xinhua: Japan Pursuing Space Diplomacy Is Meant to Compete with China

On November 27, Japan’s Strategic Headquarters for Space Development issued an outline for the future direction of Japan’s space strategy (equivalent to China’s space strategy). “Space Diplomacy” is a new concept proposed by Japan. Specifically, it is to utilize the Japanese government’s economic development aid (ODA) to enhance cooperation with developing countries from the Asian, African, and Latin American regions, strategically provide satellite information and space development technology to these countries in order to gain their understanding and trust.

Currently, under the direction of the Strategic Headquarters for Space Development, Japan has already initiated cooperation in satellite technology with Indonesia, Brazil, and Ethiopia. But from the Japanese government’s perspective, Space Diplomacy can not stop at a few individual countries. It has to expand in scope and form a whole Space Diplomacy System.

The article says that behind the system is a plan to compete with China.

Source: Xinhua, December 2, 2008