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Xinhua: Pressure by Western Countries Can Not Stop China and Congo’s Cooperation

Reporter of Xinhua’s International Herald Tribune reports from Congo’s capital Kinshasa that the road maintenance project co-operated by China Enterprises United Inc. and Congo’s is under way normally. The reporter describes that the warm atmosphere of Chinese engineers and the local workers working together forms a stark contrast with the (Western) reports that the “project is being stopped.” The report says that Western countries regard Congo as their territory of interests because of Congo’s rich natural resource and important geographic location. Western countries tried to interfere since the beginning of the negotiation of cooperation between China and Congo. They pressured Congo government through their controlled World Band and IMF. The report further says that Congo government resisted the pressure from the West and welcomed the China’s help. Now the preparation phase of the projects is progressing on normal track.

Source: Xinhua, February 17, 2009