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Bush Family Given Royal Treatment During Olympic Visit

In general, China’s state-run media has not shied away from attacking or even demonizing President George W. Bush, but coverage changed tone in an obvious way during the Olympics.

An article “Bush Family Hands in ‘China Transcripts’ (During Olympics)” by Xinhua’s newspaper International Herald Tribune touts that “[the fact that] Sino-U.S. Relations advanced to today’s level cannot be separated from Bush Senior and Junior’s efforts.”

In appreciation of Bush’s appearance at the Olympics, Bush’s whole family was invited to dinner at yíng tái in Zhongnanhai (an ocean platform in Zhongnanhai surrounded by water on three sides, formerly a recreation area for imperial wives and concubines). The building is rarely used and only a few foreign political leaders have been invited to the place, not to mention a foreign leader’s whole family.

Source: Xinhua, August 19, 2008