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Survey Shows that 90 Percent of the Japanese Have a Poor Impression of China

On September 23, BBC Chinese reported that a non-profit organization known as the “Speech NPO” conducted a survey of residents of Japan. The survey done in 2016 showed that 90 percent of the Japanese respondents had a poor impression of China which was compared to the results from the previous year.

The organization has published reports on such public opinion surveys between China and Japan for the past 12 years.

On the Japanese side, the survey company sent out questionnaires to 2,000 business operators, academicians, media workers and civil servants. The results from 477 respondents were analyzed. On the Chinese side, the results were based on telephone interviews of 612 people.

Among the Japanese respondents, 91.6 percent of those respondents surveyed had a poor perception of China, a slight increase from 88.8 percent the previous year; 76.7 percent of the Chinese respondents did not feel good about Japan, which was down slightly from 78.3 percent the previous year.

The main reason for the poor perception from both sides is the territorial dispute.

Source: BBC Chinese, September 23, 2016