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Outlook Magazine: China’s Role in the U.S-India Relationship

According to Outlook Magazine, among China, the U.S. and India’s relationship, the U.S. has the largest advantage, while China must nurture its relationship with India, “India believes that the U.S. apathy toward India is largely because the United States pays more attention to China. If the U.S. and China get closer, it will undermine India’s interests.” “In the trilateral relationships among China, the U.S. and India, the U. S. is the most powerful with the greatest initiative, while the relationship between China and India is marginalized and needs careful nurturing.”

The article holds that the U.S. fosters tension in the Sino-Indian relationship in order to lure India into the U.S encirclement to contain China. The article warns that if the Indian government chooses to blindly follow the U.S., acting as its pawn to contain China, then it will have a negative impact on Sino-Indian relations.

Source: Legal Daily, December 1, 2009