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Huanqiu Comments on German Nationality, Advocates Export of Values

A recent Huanqiu article analyzed German netizens’ responses to a Der Spiegel report about the German government’s investigation of four Chinese spy suspects. The state media believed that Der Spiegel was “inducing” the German public to criticize the Chinese government. Although readers did not react as expected, Germans may not be “tired of the media’s anti-China attitude,” added Huanqiu

Said Zhu Yutong, Huanqiu’s reporter in Germany, “The honeymoon period when Western media praise China for favors may be gone forever.… Now China is strong; they cannot control it – at least economically. They need to find a political, moral, and psychological high ground. As long as China remains so strong that any noise cannot disturb it (China), this voice will weaken, as if they had surrendered.” “Germany is bullying the weak and fearing the strong.” 
Zhu added, “China should, with the language and approaches that they understand, export its own values. It is a new challenge.” 
Source: Huanqiu, December 2, 2009