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China has Four Counter Measures for the Joint Japan-U.S. South China Sea Patrol

Well-known Chinese news site Sina recently published an in-depth analysis on the strategy against the newly announced Japanese plan to join the U.S. South China Sea naval patrol. The Chinese central command had long expressed the position that China wouldn’t just not take any action on the U.S led “joint patrol.” The article suggested four immediate actions that China can take. First, China can quickly militarize the islands in the region. Second, if the “joint patrol” becomes intensified, China can announce the establishment of the South China Sea Air Defense Identification Zone. The third approach is to focus on Japanese vessels by flying aircraft over them at low altitude. The last mechanism is to mount higher pressure on Japan by increasing the frequency of law enforcement patrols near the Diaoyu Islands. The article called the strategy the new “protracted war,” which was the strategy China applied to win against Japan in the Second World War.

Source: Sina, September 19, 2016