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Obama Just Better Than China at Publicizing the U.S. Rescue Effort in Haiti

A Chinese official newspaper, Wenhui, reported on January 19, 2010, that the first rescue workers who arrived in Haiti were actually the Chinese, 2 hours earlier than the Americans.

However, Obama is much better at publicizing his rescue effort to the world’s TV than China, inviting two former presidents in the White House to call for donations and sending Hillary Clinton to Haiti. Yet, what is the amount of the badly needed food, medicine and drinking water the U.S. has brought to the local disaster victims? What is seen is that the U.S. military army has controlled the only local airport so as to give the U.S. nationals the priority to withdraw from Haiti, resulting in French nationals being stranded in the airport for many days, while the plane with French donated field hospital equipment was not able to land in the U.S.-controlled airport. 

Source: Wenhui, January 19, 2010