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Duowei: The CCP Intends to Export China Model to the World

On November 24, the second volume publication symposium on “Xi Jinping Talks about State Administration” was held in Beijing. The Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) new chief of propaganda and ideology, Wang Huning, and the Minister of the Central Propaganda Department, Huang Kunming, attended the meeting. Wang Huning defined Xi Jinping Thought as “original and contemporary Chinese Marxism in the 21st century.” Wang also gave Xi Jinping Thought a certain kind of universalist aura except for stressing that it should be used to arm the CCP.

Wang praised the essay book of Xi Jinping Thought, saying it, “fully embodies China’s wisdom and China’s plan to promote the cause of building a community of shared human destiny while contributing to the cause of mankind’s peace and development and … guiding the forward direction of advancing a better future for mankind.” Wang also demanded that the “(CCP) deepen the spread of propaganda to the world and enhance the international community’s understanding of Xi Jinping’s socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era.”

Source: Duowei, November 25, 2017

Qiushi: China Is the Largest Democracy in the World Today

Qiushi {Seeking Truth}, the Chinese Communist Party’s theoretical periodical, published an article claiming China is the largest democratic country in the world. Below are some key points from the article:

• The West uses a “non-democratic” mark to label China’s socialist system, devaluing or even demonizing China’s political and economic system and its development achievements. As the most populous country in the world, China is the largest democracy in the world today.

• The West has no right to monopolize the standard for the “democratic state.” The essence of contemporary Western political discourse is that it is trying to establish Western democracy as the only “legitimate” form of democracy. Westerners deliberately refuse to apply the democratic form to contemporary {communist} China despite its own democratic pluralism.

• Western democracy is not as radiant as Westerners portray.

• China is steadily moving toward a new realm of people’s democracy. Socialist democracy with Chinese characteristics is the broadest, most authentic, and most effective democracy that upholds people’s fundamental interests and constantly shows its authenticity, effectiveness, and superiority.

Source: Sina, November 11, 2017

Duowei: Trump Is More of an Arms Dealer Taking Advantage of Japan and South Korea’s Crisis

Duowei, a Beijing controlled media based overseas, published an article commenting on President Trump’s Asian trip. Below is an excerpt from the article:

“U.S. President Trump visited South Korea on November 7. During the welcoming ceremony of the Korean President Moon Jae-in at The Blue House Cheongwadae, Trump’s first concern was the issue of arms sales to South Korea, which he believed would help to reduce the trade deficit between the two countries. Two days before Trump was to visit Japan, he also demanded that Japan should purchase a ‘massive’ amount of weapons from the United States, including missiles and fighters. Trump’s demands on Japan and South Korea are ostensibly aimed at responding to the DPRK’s nuclear threat. Actually, all these efforts are aimed at increasing employment in the United States and changing the trade imbalance between the U.S. and Japan and South Korea. This was also evident during the first three stops of his Asian tour. Japan, South Korea, and China are the three targets of the Treasury Department for the manipulation of exchange rates. They are also Donald Trump’s three stakeholders on this trip to resolve the North Korean nuclear issue. “

“It can be said that Trump is very pragmatic to use the threat of the North Korean nuclear crisis to sell arms to U.S. allies. It is also {clear} from this point that Trump did not have any big strategic design for his trip to Asia. Instead, it is an extension of the principle of ‘the U.S. first.’ The White House stressed that Trump’s visit to Asia has three themes: the DPRK nuclear issue, the Indo-China Pacific region, and business trade. However, judging from Trump’s words and deeds during his visit, all three topics are ultimately related to ‘money.’ In other words, let allies give ‘money’ in return for their own safety. “

“All in all, the Trump, who is currently visiting Asia, does not look like a president. He looks more like a businessman who sells arms to the allies. However, as president, everything on his mind relates to how to cut down the foreign trade deficit and give an explanation to his diehard voters in order to ease the domestic pressure of governance.”

Source: Duowei, November 7, 2017

Xinhua Interview: What to Expect from Trump’s First Visit to China

Xinhuanet had an exclusive interview with Diao Daming, an associate professor at the School of International Relations at Renmin University of China, discussing the important aspects of U.S. President Donald Trump’s visit to China from China’s perspective.

Diao Daming believes that the significance of this visit lies mainly in building a new type of international relationship and a common community of human destinies. The foundation of this new type of international relationship will be the building of a new type of Sino-U.S. Relationship.

Regarding the factors to which China should pay attention on this visit, Diao discussed the following:

The first important factor is whether this visit can form a consensus position for Sino-U.S. relations in the new era.

“As China moves to the center stage of the world and takes an active position in shaping the relations between China and the United States, it is noteworthy whether the Trump administration has a positive and clear expression toward the issues that concern China, such as the AIIB and the One Belt and Road initiative. We should pay attention to whether the United States responds to our above concerns.”

In addition, this visit will be the third official meeting between Xi and Trump. As Trump’s first visit to China this year, another factor to consider is whether or not there are special arrangements and special forms to enhance the mutual trust between the leaders of the two countries and between the two countries.

Source: Xinhua, November 7, 2017

Taiwan Couple’s Taiwan Nationality Removed Because of Their Chinese Communist Party Representative Position

The National Security Bureau and the Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) of Taiwan confirmed today that Chinese Communist Party representative Lu Lian and her husband’s Taiwan ID registration have been canceled. Lu’s family was quite disappointed after hearing the news. The Taiwanese applauded the action.

Lu Lian was born in Taiwan. She went to China in 1997 to teach in Shanghai. While there, she acquired a Chinese nationality. This year she was elected as a representative of the Communist Party of China. She published a remark affirming she “loves Taiwan and also loves the mainland.” Zhou Meixu, deputy director of the Taiwan National Security Bureau, said that, based on regulations, Lu Lian’s household ID registration has been canceled. Her health insurance and other rights have also been nullified.

Zhou also revealed that Taiwan authorities have confirmed that there are 19 Taiwanese people holding mainland Communist Party and government positions. Some of their canceled ID registrations have not been announced.

Source: Liberty Times (Taiwan) and Yahoo News (Hong Kong), October 26, 2017台灣陸委會證實盧麗安夫婦被取消台灣戶籍-090723729.html

Duowei: Chinese Communist Party’s Grand Goal: Building “a Community of a Shared Future for Mankind”

Duowei, a state sponsored Chinese news media, based overseas, reported that the 19th Congress of the Chinese Communist Party is the beginning of a new era. In the 19th Congress report, the Communist Party of China formally introduced the idea of building a “community for the shared future of mankind.” Professor Fang Changping, director of the International Strategy Center of the National Development and Strategic Research Institute of Renmin University of China, said in his interview with Duowei that the report’s most outstanding highlight in the diplomatic section was its innovative ideas. The Communist Party of China is standing at the pinnacle, above humankind, to promote the initiation of such a magnificent goal, that is to promote the development of new international relations — the development of a “community of a shared future for mankind.”

Source: Duowei, October 24, 2017

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