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China Keeps Silent on North Korea’s Massive Fake Chinese Currency Brought into China

Duowei cited a Japanese media report that North Korea has recently been mass producing counterfeit Chinese currency renminbi and bringing the counterfeit money into China.

According to South Korean media reports, the North Korean source responsible for the original manufacture of the counterfeit currency is the Pingcheng mint factories under the North Korean Workers’ Party “Room 39.” Its counterfeit money is very sophisticated. Even the bank staff that deals with cash every day cannot tell the difference unless they check very carefully.

The forgery and circulation of other countries’ currencies is called “economic terror” and could have become a big diplomatic issue. However, the response of the Chinese government is quite puzzling. To date, only a handful of police stations have placed a note, “The occurrence of a large amount of counterfeit money made in North Korea,” on the front page of their official websites to remind the public. The official media have been silent. The Chinese government also has not issued a protest to North Korea.

Source: Duowei, December 19, 2017

Zhejiang University Professor Asked to Prove “His Mother Is His Mother” for a Medical Insurance Card Transfer

Sina (China News Agency) reported that when Professor Pan Liyong of the Zhejiang University School of Humanities applied for social security card transfer for his mother in order to bring his mother to live with him in Hangzhou, the Cixi Medical Insurance Center asked him to prove that “your mother is (really) your mother.” He was forced to get a notarized certificate as proof from his school. The certificate of proof spread on the Internet and got widespread attention from netizens.

The circulated certificate from the Humanities and Tourism Research Center of Zhejiang University had its official seal. The certificate said,” Professor Pan Liyong is the director of the Philosophy Department at the Humanities School of Zhejiang University. Recently he brought his mother to live with him in Hangzhou. According to the requirement of the relevant departments of your organization, he needs to go through certain formalities for his mother’s social security medical cards to be transferred. This is hereby to prove that PAN Li-yong’s mother, Chen Ai-Lian, is the mother of PAN Li-yong. It is hereby also to prove that the ridiculous practice of “proving that your father is your father,” which Premier Li openly criticized, is indeed still widespread.

Professor Pan said that when he tried to apply for the social security card transfer for his mother, the staff of Cixi Medical Insurance Center insisted that he provide a certificate of relationship with his mother. He had to get the above proof against his will. He then sent a photo of this certificate to his circle of friends. After the relevant departments from Cixi City saw the photo, the United Front Department of Cixi City promptly contacted him. Then the Cixi City Health Insurance Center immediately processed his mother’s social security card transfer.

Source: Sina, December 28, 2017

CCP Bans Celebration of Foreign Religious Festivals; Asks Children to Swear under Oath and to Topple Christmas Trees

Duowei News reported that, recently, China issued a number of documents demanding that the Party, the government organs, the schools, and other organizations prohibit any participation in activities related to Western religious festivals. A video clip on the Internet showed that China does not just prohibit “Christmas” and “Christmas Eve.” It topples all Christmas trees, and also organizes the students to swear, under oath, that they will not participate in Western festivals. The authorities claim that the move is aimed at strengthening traditional culture and enhancing cultural self-confidence.

1. Duowei, December 24, 2017
2. Duowei, December 24, 2017

Xinhua: Beware of Japan’s Ambition to Become a Military Power

Zhang Huanli, a scholar at the Research Center for International Affairs and a former reporter for Xinhua News Agency in Tokyo, said in an interview with Xinhua that all sides should pay close attention to how much Japan’s defense budget has grown year after year.

Zhang said that Japan’s military expenditures have been breaking new record highs. In the past, Japan had unwritten rules that its defense budget should be controlled and be within one percent of its GDP. Since Abe came to power, this restriction has long been broken. In addition, this year Japan also added more defense-related funds through supplementary budgets. This means that by the end of 2018 Japan’s actual defense budget will far exceed 5.2 trillion yen.

“Doing so, Japan, on the one hand, wants to cater to the United States. On the other hand, Japan hopes to show the United States its determination to strengthen the Japan-U.S. alliance by strengthening its cooperation with the United States in the military field.”

Zhang Huanli pointed out that, In the long run, increasing military spending in Japan will pose a threat to the security of the Asia-Pacific region. So far, the Abe administration has not made a sincere apology for the crimes that led to the war of aggression. To make matters worse, ever year, Abe has offered sacrifices to the Yasukuni Shrine. This disguised visit to the Yasukuni Shrine undoubtedly is a form of recognizing the war of aggression. Countries that once suffered Japanese aggression cannot avoid remaining vigilant to how Japan’s military expenditures increase by the year and to its ambition to become a military power.

Source: Xinhua, December 23, 2017

Major General Jin Yinan: China Will Not Stand on the Sidelines If Trump Starts a War on the Korean Peninsula

Chinese Major General Jin Yinan was a guest at the military forum “National Defense Space” on The Voice of China {a radio station} talking about the recent North Korean intercontinental missile launch and the US-Korea joint military exercises. Jin stated that China’s “double suspension” proposal {suspending nuclear testing and suspending U.S. military exercises} is still the most effective way to solve the North Korean nuclear issue.

Jin said, “The pressure for war is getting more and more intense, but the reasons for a war show it is not as imminent as those who control the situation may believe. … The double suspension is the best way for both parties to cool down first, lowering the temperature first, and then starting to negotiate. A good initiative is not accepted by everyone at once. With the passage of time, it’s more apparent that the “double suspension” that China proposed is the only clear-cut way to solve the issue of the Korean Peninsula peacefully.”

Jin also repeated Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi‘s statement that, ‘China will never allow anyone to fight at the door of China and will never allow anyone to mess up Asia.” He said, “This is not just because of our attitude, but also because of the maintenance of regional security for which we must be responsible, which is backed by our strength. Therefore, this war is by no means an issue of whether we should stand on the sidelines; it is by no means a matter of persuading the other side not to fight. You (think) you can strike according to your wishes. If you start the war I can tell you that we will never just stand by.”

Source: Wenxuecity, December 7, 2017

Duowei: The World Has Undervalued the Big World Event: Chinese Communist Party “Meeting” Global Political Dignitaries

Duowei, a Beijing controlled Chinese media based overseas, published a report discussing the “High-level Dialogue between the CCP and the World’s Political Parties” that was held in Beijing. The article stated that the meeting is undoubtedly of vital importance to both China and the rest of the world. From a historical perspective, this will be a hallmark of the modernization of China’s politics. (It signals that) China has once again entered a historic period of disseminating political civilization to the outside world, (just like what took place) in the advanced and prosperous history of China in eras such as the Han and Tang Dynasties.

The article claimed, “In the phrase ‘High-level Dialogue between the CCP and the World’s Political Parties,’ the ‘Communist Party of China’ is in parallel with the ‘world’s political parties,’ indicating that this is a platform where the CCP serves as the main player to connect with global politics. The first CCP and World Dialogue was held in September 2014, when more than 60 former dignitaries, experts, and scholars from more than 30 countries participated in the conference with Chinese representatives. This time, more than 200 leaders of political parties and political organizations from more than 120 countries signed up for the conference. This is the first multilateral diplomatic event that the CCP has organized since the 19th National Congress of the CCP. It is the first time that the CCP has held high-level dialogues with all kinds of political parties in the world. It is also the most attended dialogue meeting to include the leaders of global political parties. Although the Western media have not given the event enough attention, the positive response of many countries and politicians clearly shows that the achievements of the CCP’s administration, especially in the past few years, have been recognized very widely. This will be an event that will be written into the book of world history.”

Source: Duowei, December 2, 2017

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