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The Communist Party Claims Success in Recruiting and Retaining Party Members

The Chinese Communist Party claims it had "remarkable results" in its campaign to educate and control its members. Recent Xinhua News Agency articles set forth some key achievements in methods of control of Party members, including recruitment drives in all walks of life, and  an increased retention rate through using hotlines and long distance learning pilot programs.

In 2005 China Allegedly Kidnapped a “Valuable” Chinese Woman with New Zealand Residency

On July 17, 2007, a former Chinese diplomat disclosed that Chinese Communist regime kidnapped a New Zealand resident two years ago and brought her back to China via a state-owned ship that was waiting in New Zealand waters. "The kidnapped woman was very valuable to the Communist Party." Chen Yonglin, former First Secretary in Australia, made the disclosure amid recent accounts from former Chinese student leaders at universities in Australia, Europe and the United States revealing how China has used Chinese student organizations to infiltrate universities and communities in Western countries.