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Rights Activist to Sue Ten Cent for Fabricating False WeChat Evidence against Him

Radio Free Asia reported that Wang Qi, a Chinese rights activist and founder of asked his lawyer to file a lawsuit against Ten Cent for fabricating a private WeChat conversation between him and two other petitioners. He said that the Public Security Bureau used the false evidence to arrest the three of them and they have been imprisoned for the past year and four months. Wang was allegedly charged with “illegally providing state secrets to a foreign country.” The trial still does not have a start date. Wang said he has been beaten and has suffered physical abuse while imprisoned and is currently suffering kidney failure. Wang’s mother tried to get him released on bail but her request was denied.

Source: Radio Free Asia, April 4, 2018

Beidou Navigation System Cell Phone Version APP to Launch on May 1

According to an article that Chongqing Economic Times published, the cell phone version of Beidou Navigation APP will be launched on May 1. It is expected to replace the U.S. made GPS (Global Positioning System) and meet worldwide demand by 2020. The Beidou App is reported to have a location accuracy that is within a 1 meter diameter (3.3 feet) compared to the 10 meters (33 feet) that GPS has. China Electronics Technology Group Number 24 research center in the City of Chongqing developed the Beidou Navigation System. The research center collaborates with the Chinese Academy of Sciences Chongqing Green Intelligence Technology Academy and conducts a large quantity of research and development work on satellite surveillance products. The article reported that the Beidou Navigation system has entered into stage III and that 29 satellites have been launched so far. It is expected to reach 50 billion yuan (US $7.92 billion) in production by 2020. Currently GPS has over 90 percent of the market share in the world.

Source: Chongqing Economic Times, April 8, 2018

RFA: Beijing Hospital Requires Sperm Donors Must Support the Party Leadership to Be Considered “Top Quality”

Radio Free Asia recently published an article about an ad that Beijing University Hospital posted about the high requirements that a top quality sperm donor must meet.  A donor is to “have fine political quality; love the socialist motherland, support the leadership of the Communist Party, and be loyal to the Party.” This “Political Correctness” statement turned out to be a topic for laughter on the Internet. The article stated that, in the current social environment, many companies in China have to display political slogans to prove that, “they are in agreement with the central administration” in order to survive. Many displays, however, turned out to be foolish jokes.

Source: Radio Free Asia, April 6, 2018

A Look at the Global Times’ Editorials on the Trade War with the United States

• 社评:如果美国都亏了,世界还有谁是赚的2018-04-05
• Editorial: If Even the United States Has Been Losing Money, Then Who Else Is Making Money? 04/05/2018

• 社评:中国重拳回击,美方带着痛苦反思吧2018-04-04
• China Fights Back with Heavy Fists; Let the U.S. Reflect on Its Pain 04/04/2018

• 社评:反击美方新攻势,专找它的七寸打2018-04-04
• Counterattack the U.S. New Offensive Move; Hit It Where It Hurts the Most 04/04/2018

• 社评:立威被北京戳破,华盛顿应该反思2018-04-04
• Beijing Pricked the (U.S.) Power Display; Washington Should Rethink (Its Actions) 04/04/2018

• 社评:美企在华分公司是美出口统计灯下黑2018-04-03
• U.S. Export Statistics Overlooked the Sales at the China Branches of U.S. Companies  04/03/2018

• 社评:中国报复美加征关税落下实锤2018-04-02
• China Punches Back against U.S. Customs. Tariffs are at the Center of the Target 04/02/2018

• 社评:华盛顿有“知识产权遭侵犯”妄想症2018-03-30
• Washington Is Paranoid about “Infringements on Intellectual Property Rights” 03/30/2018

• 社评:加拿大被揪耳朵上台为美国捧哏2018-03-30
• Canada Was Forced to the Stage to Sing with the United States 03/30/2018

• 社评:美方作用力越大,中方反作用力越强2018-03-28
• The Greater the U.S. Forces, the Stronger the Chinese Counter Forces 03/30/2018

China Review News: The Philippines Sets an Example for ASEAN Countries of How to Balance China-U.S. Relations

China Review News, one of China’s state controlled media in Hong Kong, published an article to propose that the countries of ASEAN (The Association of Southeast Asian Nations) should follow the Philippine’s example in balancing China-U.S. relations, which is to lean towards China. The article said, “Southeast Asian countries are under increasing pressure due to geopolitical competition between China and the United States. They must choose between China’s economic advantages and the U.S. security umbrella. However, the Philippines may be showing other countries the way out of this dilemma.”

The article referred to a New York Times publication to emphasize the point. It said, “So far, Duterte’s strategy (for the Philippines) and its results have shown other countries a “way out” if they have the political courage and domestic support to emulate the Philippines.” “The Philippines suddenly changed from a staunch American ally to a more independent and neutral position between the United States and China. So far, the Philippines has benefited from better relations with China. At the same time, it has maintained military relations with the United States, although its relations are not as firm as they were previously.”

Source: China Review News, April 5, 2018

Open Letter Denounced Chinese Communist Party’s Accusation that Australia’s Foreign Interference Bill Is Racist

On March 27, The Epoch Times reported on a bill on foreign interference that was introduced in Australia on December 7. A week ago, a group of Chinese scholars demanded that the Australian government withdraw the bill. The group claimed that the bill is a “threat to academic freedom. … The statement that a foreign force would interfere in Australia is over-the-top and is racist. … It could create hostility toward the Chinese population.” In responding to the demand, a group of 27 scholars in Australia published an open letter stating that the fact that the Chinese Communist Party is exercising its influence in Australia is unacceptable and warned that (those making the demand) are using racism as an accusation to end the open debate about the activities that the Chinese Communist Party has been conducting in Australia. The open letter included a list of espionage activities that the Australian government needs to be aware of and stated, “In recent years the CCP’s efforts to influence and interfere in Australia have become increasingly bold, including an overt agenda to influence Chinese communities in Australia. … The CCP seeks to position itself as the protector of overseas Chinese and drive a wedge between Chinese communities and the rest of Australia. … This debate is valuable and necessary.”

The scholars who signed the response include James Leibold, Associate Professor of Politics and Asian Studies, La Trobe University; Feng, Chongyi, Associate Professor in China Studies, University of Technology, Sydney; and Kevin Carrico, Lecturer, Chinese Studies, Macquarie University.

Source: The Epoch Times &, March 27, 2018

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