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800 million Yuan of Agriculture Funds in Violations and 175 Disciplined

Jiangxi Province found rampant funding irregularities in its agriculture subsidy programs, reported Xinhua on October 23, 2008. An inspection earlier this year show funding violations in the amount of 796,950,000 yuan, of which 658,960,000 yuan were erroneously delayed, 4,150,000 were arbitrarily retained, 26,300,000 yuan were misappropriated, 1,130,000 yuan were embezzled and 106,410,000 yuan were in other violations. There were 254 cases under investigation. 175 individuals were administratively disciplined. 25 of them have been charged in courts.

Source: Xinhua, October 23, 2008

High-ranking Party Official Refuses to Return to China

Municipal Communist Party Committee of Wenzhou has dispatched officials to France to seek the return of a high-ranking Party official, Xinhua reported. On September 19, Mr. Yang, a member of Wenzhou Standing Committee started a 12-day official visit to Europe leading a government delegation. While in France, Yang called one of the Wenzhou Communist leaders and submitted his resignation citing health reasons. The Wenzhou City explicitly asked Yang not to resign and ordered him to return to China. October 22, a group of three officials departed for France to meet with Yang.

Source: Xinhua, October 23, 2008

China Continues Its Ban of Residential Satellite Dishes

China State Administration of Radio, Film & Television and State Administration for Industry & Commerce carried out a campaign in the first half of this year, attacking “illegal sale” of satellite receiving apparatuses. In the past half year, more than 50,000 satellite receiving apparatuses were seized in the name of “illegal sale,” more than 110,000 satellite dishes were dismantled in the name of “illegal installation.” The above organizations held a special conference issuing award for the activity on 17, 2008 in Guangxi. Chinese government only allows hotels accommodating foreign guests to apply installation of satellite receiving apparatus, receiving government sanctioned oversea programs. Residential satellite dish is prohibited.

Source: Radio Free Asia, October 17,2008

Hong Kong Magazine Calls for Investigation on Altered Contents

Over 50 errors appeared in Hong Kong “Open Magazine” October issue unexpectedly.  The articles were intentionally altered and unreadable.   The magazine posted a notice to its readers on its home page apologizing for the errors.  Cai Yongmei, the Chief Editor of the magazine said that the incident, the first time in 20 years, was serious. Cai is calling the Hong Kong special region government to investigate the incident and protect magazine’s rights to freedom of speech.

“Open Magazine” is a monthly magazine published in Hong Kong and known for disclosing inside secrets of the mainland Chinese government.

Source: Open Magazine, October 2008

Ministry of Education Requires All Colleges to Have one Political Teacher for Every 400 Students

Ministry of Education of China released a direction through its website on October 8, asking all colleges to further enhance the development of teachers of political thoughts and theory. The direction requires that all colleges have at least one political teacher for every 350-400 students. The Ministry also asks that all colleges establish independent teaching and research department of political thoughts and theory directly under the leadership of the colleges.

New political teachers must be Chinese Communist Party members and assume the position as the coordinator of the students. Those who are not consistent with the Party in political principles and directions can not teach in political class.

Source: Xinhua, October 9, 2008

Government Announces Allowable Melamine Content in Milk

Several government departments issue d a joint notice announcing the provisional amount of melamine allowed in milk and milk products, reported People’s Daily on October 8, 2008. Ministry of Health stated that the move is an administrative measure responding to the emergency in order to ensure product quality. For example, the allowable amount of melamine in infant formula is 1mg per kilogram, and in milk/milk powder the allowable amount is 2.5mg. According to an earlier release of Ministry of Health, over 10,000 children remain hospitalized due to melamine contaminated milk.

Source: People’s Daily, October 8, 2008