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Government: Guangxi Province Announced the Death Penalty for Anyone Who Spreads COVID

On June 2, Fangchenggang City, Guang Xi Zhuang Autonomous Region published a public announcement. It stated that any COVID patient who sneaks into China or anyone who organizes or transports known COVID patients into China, and endangers the public safety, can be sentenced to the death penalty, to a fine, or to confiscation of property.

People questioned whether a local government has the authority to decide on the death penalty. The authorities removed the announcement on June 3.

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Source: Epoch Times, June 4, 2022

Public Opinion: Shanghai Entrepreneurs’ Open Letter: Lying Flat and Not Producing Anything

Lately, multiple media have reported that Shanghai entrepreneurs published an open letter in response to the government’s order to resume production. They announced that they will “lie flat.” They will resume work but will not produce anything. They were frustrated with the government’s lockdown of the city for two months. People’s living condition have deteriorated significantly, the government’s credibility has been swept away, the manufacturing orders have been reduced, foreign capital has been leaving China, and exporting goods has become much more difficult.

However, there were questions on the authenticity of this letter since big entrepreneurs have their own channels to share their opinions with high-ranking officials and will not challenge the authorities so openly.

In any case, the letter, regardless of whether it was true, expressed the public opinion that people are dissatisfied with the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP’s) policies. The following is an excerpt from the open letter.

Compatriots from Shanghai and across China:

During the two-month-long city lockdown, we were repeatedly threatened by the subdistrict administrative offices (街道办事处), residential Committees (居民委员会), police stations, and unidentified people, for quarantine and door-to-door sterilization, which made us completely sober and even woke us up. We, several business owners and investors living in adjacent areas of Shanghai had to suspend our work, study the situation and reach some initial consensus — to lie flat and clear, resume our work but not do any production!

In response to the impending economic crisis, we would like to announce to society that we have made the following collective decisions:

  • To abolish redundant departments and streamline operations.
  • To sell off non-performing assets and prepare for a cold winter of our economy.
  • To not plan or be unable to hire college graduates in the next few years.
  • To encourage existing employees to voluntarily reduce their salaries and work together to overcome the difficulties of the times.
  • To expand overseas markets for rebuilding the domestic economy in the future.

We hope that the CCP’s 20th National Congress will bring us the following:

  • It is urgent to reform the political system and release the political shackles on economic development.
  • To punish severely all levels of government and grass-roots officials who violated the law and disregarded public opinion during the COVID prevention and control period, so as to restore the government’s image and rebuild the government’s credit.
  • To redress wronged cases such as the case against Ren Zhiqiang and Sun Dawu and recover the losses of the wronged entrepreneurs.
  • To release and redress prisoners of conscience, ideological prisoners, and political prisoners who are the backbone and treasure of the nation.
  • To release and redress those citizens who were politically and judicially persecuted for speaking out for the people or defending their rights and interests during the pandemic; to clean up the law enforcement team and restore the hearts of the people.
  • To establish the sanctity of private property and, especially to establish the private residences as freehold (the last refuge of the family).
  • To return the power to the people, reformulating the Constitution, removing the ban on parties and newspapers, eliminating the privileged class, and abolishing feudal systems such as household registration, political trials, and all other unreasonable systems that violate human morality and conscience.

We are eagerly waiting for entrepreneurs and investors from all over the country, scholars from colleges and universities across the country, elites from all walks of life and industrial and commercial people to express your opinions and support our initiatives and propositions.

Some entrepreneurs and investors in Shanghai

May 30, 2022

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Source:  Ipkmedia (光传媒), May 31, 2022.



Government: Shanghai Authorities – It Is All the Residential Committee’s Fault

During Shanghai’s COVID Control and Prevention news press conference on May 29, authorities said the city has never announced a “lockdown” and therefore does not need to “remove the lockdown and (reopen)” the city.

They also blamed the residential committees (居委会) for locking down the residential buildings and forcing people to stay at home. They said the two months of the Shanghai lockdown was not a government action but rather the result of the residents’ self-management .

The authorities then pointed out:

  1. The residential committee is a self-management organization for the city residents and the residential committee’s actions are based on the residents self-management, not the government’s orders.
  2. Any official order and regulation must be published by the municipal party committee or the municipal government. The residential committee’s announcement only represents the view and action of that residential committee and residents of the neighborhood. The government is not responsible for these actions.
  3. If any residential committee mentions “according to the authorities’ requirements,” if it is not based on an officially issued document with a government seal on it, it is a verbal order and the government does not recognize the claim.

People ridiculed the Shanghai authorities. According to the authorities’ logic, the government didn’t lock down Shanghai, but Shanghai residents voluntarily locked themselves down, stopped their own economy and created all their humanitarian problems for themselves.

Source: China Digital Times, June 1, 2022


A Chinese City’s Penalty Is a 10-Day Detention for Skipping Multiple PCR Tests

On May 31, the city government of Siping in China’s northeastern Jilin Province announced it would launch massive Covid-19 PCR testing for residents starting on June 2. The testing requires that “no one is left behind.” The authorities vowed to inflict punishment on anyone who did not participate in the drive. Punitive measures would include restricting access to neighborhoods and public places, paying for the cost of make-up tests, and being admonished by local police. For those who failed to take the required tests on more than two occasions, the penalty would include 10-days of administratively detention, a fine of 500 yuan (US$ 75), being blacklisted in China’s social credit system, and public naming and shaming.

The announcement sparked criticism from Chinese netizens. Some said, “The Siping municipal government is openly breaking the law.” Others questioned, “Which law is the basis for such a detention rule? This is serious damage to the rule of law in China!”

Draconian measures to combat the epidemic adopted by Chinese authorities have triggered public discontent. For example, in Jiangsu, medical staff would throw away all the food in the refrigerator that belonged to the Covid patient. In Shanghai a netizen complained saying that the disinfection personnel entered his residence without his consent.

Source: Central News Agency (Taiwan), May 31, 2022

Chinese Graduates Signing Rate was Only 32 Percent as of May

Well-known Chinese news site Tencent News recently reported that, according to the latest data on contract-signing for college graduates, as of May, 22 percent of males signed employment contracts and 10 percent of females signed, which is really appalling. This year’s class of college graduates faced a truly tough labor environment. The COVID pandemic has brought down many employers. With continuous risk control, millions of companies have no profit, only expense after expense. It has not been easy for small and medium-sized companies to survive this year. However, if they do survive, they have to save money and reduce costs. Many employers are laying off employees. It is very difficult to find a job at this time. Half of the companies have closed down, so it’s already strange if one doesn’t lose his job, let alone the difficulty college students who have just graduated face in seeking a job. There are a lot of people who have been in the job market for more than 10 years and are still without a job. The number is greater than for those who have just-graduated. Many colleges push students to sign the Tripartite Agreements (an employment agreement between the student, the college and the employer), which are often not a guarantee of employment but just an intent, since the Agreement is not a legally binding formal hiring contract. Not many students have managed to secure a hiring contract for job positions as soon as they graduate. Many had to turn to continuing education by taking graduate school exams, or to participate in civil service exams  to obtain a government job. However, there are only so many job positions every year, and most people will take the exams while working on something temporary or just give up altogether.

Source: Tencent News, May 19, 2022

Government: Xinhua to Foreign Companies: Endure the COVID Hardship for a “Better Future”

Xinhua published a commentary on foreign companies moving out of China. It acknowledged that many foreign companies are considering leaving China because of their concern that the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP’s) “Zero-COVID” policy impacts their normal business. It defended the “Zero-COVID” policy as the right measure for China and asked foreign companies to work with the CCP to endure the temporary hardship for a “better future.”

It appealed to foreign companies, “One’s vision determines the outcome. Is it better to focus on the immediate interests, worrying, wavering, and turning to the so-called ‘alternative options’ (of other countries to replace China), or to look far ahead, taking the long view, staying with the current course, and choosing to overcome the difficulties together with China and create a future together? (We) believe the wise entrepreneurs will make the far-sighted choice.”

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Source: Xinhua, May 12, 2022

Public Opinion: Hot Discussions on Shanghai Man’s Saying, “This Is Our Last Generation”

Recently an online video attracted many reposts and some hot discussions.

The video was about a Shanghai case in which a police officer, covered in a full COVID protective suit, came to take a resident to a quarantine location. The resident had tested negative for COVID but, according to the authorities, might have been close to someone who had COVID. The resident refused to go.

The police officer then threatened him and said that he would be punished for not following the authorities’ order and the punishment would implicate his parents and children as well. He said, “The punishment will impact all three generations of your family.”

The man answered, “Unfortunately, this is our last generation. Thank you!”

Public comments said that this showed how desperate and tragic the people in China have become. They cannot change the CCP’s actions and cannot control their own lives. Then they chose not to have children so that they won’t pass the same tragedy of living down to their children.

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has deleted the video and all discussions about it.

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Source: Radio Free Asia, May 12, 2022