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RFA: China Hires Neighborhood Administrators to Monitor Residential Neighborhood Activities

Radio Free Asia reported that China has divided neighborhoods into small blocks of about 15 to 20 households each and has assigned an administrator to manage each block. The neighborhood committee maintains close contact with the local police department and regularly reports “suspicious” movements going on in the neighborhood. Recently a hiring notice for the Residential Administrator of a neighborhood committee indicated that the administrators are required to know their assigned neighborhood, people’s housing situations, the basic infrastructure setup, the number of organizations in the neighborhood, the population and any potential risks. They also need to collect feedback from the residents and be prepared to assist and resolve conflicts. Each administrator is responsible for 15 to 20 families in the neighborhood. The administrators are also required to maintain confidentiality when going about their work.

A news report from last November showed that these administrators can make up to 5,000 yuan (US$796) a month. The money comes out of the stability maintenance fund.

Source: Radio Free Asia, April 10, 2018

Oriental Daily: Mainland China Banned Online Stores from Selling the Bible

The popular Hong Kong newspaper Oriental Daily recently reported via its online news site that online e-commerce platforms in Mainland China have completely removed their Bible offerings. Many of them also removed related Christian books. Some sellers even cancelled their sellers’ accounts altogether. According to some Mainland Christians, Bibles are now only available from the government approved Patriotic Church. According to a recently released official government Five-Year Work Plan, people should align their “position about the Bible” with the government approved view. The Chinese government is planning to re-translate the Bible and publish its own “official version” of the book. Oriental Daily has been Hong Kong’s number one newspaper in circulation since 1976, with a record readership of over 3,100,000.

Source: Oriental Daily, April 3, 2018

Rights Activist to Sue Ten Cent for Fabricating False WeChat Evidence against Him

Radio Free Asia reported that Wang Qi, a Chinese rights activist and founder of asked his lawyer to file a lawsuit against Ten Cent for fabricating a private WeChat conversation between him and two other petitioners. He said that the Public Security Bureau used the false evidence to arrest the three of them and they have been imprisoned for the past year and four months. Wang was allegedly charged with “illegally providing state secrets to a foreign country.” The trial still does not have a start date. Wang said he has been beaten and has suffered physical abuse while imprisoned and is currently suffering kidney failure. Wang’s mother tried to get him released on bail but her request was denied.

Source: Radio Free Asia, April 4, 2018

Airbnb to Cooperate with China to Turn over Its Customer Information

Radio France Internationale reported that following Apple, Airbnb (an American company which operates an online marketplace and hospitality service for people to lease or rent short-term lodging) announced that it will share its customer information with the Chinese authorities in order to comply with China’s Internet security law which went into effect last June. The Internet security law requires that foreign technology companies must store their business data and personal information on a domestic server and provide technology support to the national security agency. Airbnb said that there will be no separate notice to the customers when their data is shared with the Chinese authorities. The data will include personal information such as the property owners’ name, phone number, email address, passport information, property address, and customer information. Airbnb customers can decide to withdraw their listing from Airbnb. The new measure will only apply to Airbnb customers in mainland China. Currently Airbnb has business in 191 countries and 65,000 cities. It has over 3 million property listings.

Source: Radio France Internationale, March 31, 2018

RFA: Russian Soccer Player Left to Die on Street in China after Car Accident

An RFA article reported that a Russian soccer player recently died as a result of a car accident in China less than 100 days from the 2018 World Soccer Cup. According to Moscow Evening news, 28 year old Vladimir Gerasimov was a Russian soccer player. He was riding an electronic scooter when he collided with a car which knocked him to the ground. The driver of the car fled the scene. Hours after the accident, Vladimir still remained lying on the ground. He died because no bystanders bothered to help him or call an ambulance. Currently, his teammates and relatives are collecting money to transport his body back to Moscow. The RFA article stated that there have been a number of reports about bystanders in China having a cold reaction and neglecting to help those who suffer car injuries. People believe that it is too costly to be a good Samaritan in China as good people are often suppressed or “rewarded” with false accusations.

Source: Radio Free Asia, March 13, 2018


RFA: Wechat Restrictions Launched against Users in Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region

Radio Free Asia reported that the Internet police in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region launched an “Internet cleanup” campaign which requires that, if any Wechat account has over ten members, they must make themselves available for the Internet police to inspect. The campaign also warned that no politically sensitive topics, internal notices, news from Hong Kong, Taiwan or Macau, from the Military, or from religions are allowed to circulate and the violators could be subject to a 1 to 8 year jail sentence. The Wechat account owner must also take full responsibility as well.

Source: Radio Free Asia, March 7, 2018

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