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A Beijing Journal Facing Scrutiny for Carrying Article About Former Premier Zhao Ziyang

In September, a Beijing journal called Yan (2) Huang (2) Chun (1) Qiu (1) (炎黄春秋) carried an article about the former Premier Zhao Ziyang. Written by a former editor in Chief of Xinhua branch office in Sichuan Province, the article was said to be the first positive article about Zhao since 1989. In mid-October, the Ministry of Cultural started to get involved because “a formal leader in the central government was uneasy about the article”. The latest development was that Ministry of Cultural requested the magazine to replace its leadership team because “they have exceeded the age limit”.

Yan (2) Huang (2) Chun (1) Qiu (1)
is a monthly magazine started by a group of senior CCP officials in 1991. It is a self-funded business with readers among seniors in the party or intellectuals. The circulation is in the 80,000.

Source: Asia Weekly, Hong Kong, November 2008,