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VOA Chinese: Xi Congratulates Trump on Becoming U.S. President-elect

The Chinese edition of Voice of America (VOA) reported on Wednesday morning that Chinese President Xi Jinping congratulated Donald Trump on becoming the U.S. President-elect.

Xi said in his congratulatory message that China, the world’s largest developing country, and the U.S., the largest developed country, as the world’s top two economies, bear the special responsibility of maintaining world peace and stability, boosting global development and prosperity, and sharing extensive interests, .

Xi added that the development of a long-term, healthy and stable China-U.S. relationship is in line with the fundamental interests of the peoples of the two countries as well as the general expectations of the international community.

Xi said the he looked forward to working together with Trump to expand China-U.S. cooperation in every field, at the bilateral, regional, and global levels, based on the principles of non-conflict, non-confrontation, mutual respect, and win-win cooperation, with differences controlled in a constructive manner, so as to push China-U.S. relations further forward from a new starting point, better benefiting the peoples of the two countries and other countries.

Source: Voice of America Chinese, November 9, 2016