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BBC Chinese: Over 40 International Trade Groups Wrote a Letter Objecting to China’s New Internet Security Law

BBC Chinese recently reported that more than 40 international trade associations and groups wrote a letter to the Chinese authority objecting to China’s newly passed Internet Security Act, which will take effect next June 1. These groups represent hundreds of global companies and technology organizations. The new Internet law prohibits anyone from posting content on China’s Internet that may “undermine national unity, disrupt the economic order or attempt to overthrow the socialist system.” The law also requires “key information infrastructure” service providers to store personal information and critical business data inside China. The providers are mandated to provide “technical support” to national security agencies and to pass national security reviews. The letter indicated that the new law will increase the cost of services and will damage the international companies’ partnership with China. Chinese officials said the law “won’t interfere with foreign commercial interests.” The letter, however, has the signatures of representatives of many key organizations, such as the Information Technology Industry Association, The Internet Society, the American Chamber of Commerce, the Australian Industry Group, and Business Europe.

Source: BBC Chinese, November 11, 2016