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BBC Chinese: Hong Kong Cardinal Warned about Formal Relationship between the Vatican and China

BBC Chinese recently reported that former Hong Kong Cardinal Joseph Zen warned on the news of the potential establishment of a formal diplomatic relationship between the Vatican and China. Zen expressed his concern that, if such an agreement were to be reached, the Vatican might be considered to be “betraying Jesus Christ.” Zen said The Pope might be misled by the experience of the communists persecuted in Latin America. It would be a bit “childish” to understand the Chinese communists the same way, since the Chinese Communist Party has killed a large number of innocent people during its short history. Chinese Catholics are only allowed to join government-approved churches and sermons to the public are banned. The Chinese government-appointed “official” bishops don’t truly preach the gospel. Instead they have the hidden agenda of ensuring the church members obey the communist authorities. Zen expressed that those at the Vatican who crafted the agreement with the Chinese communists lacked first-hand experience and did not truly understand how the Chinese government controls the official churches like “puppets.”

Source: BBC Chinese, November 28, 2016