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Oriental Daily: Mainland Police Established Massive Monitoring under Jiang Zemin’s Administration

The popular Hong Kong newspaper Oriental Daily published a series of articles on its official website commenting on the massive monitoring system that the Mainland police established. The Mainland Ministry of Public Safety just released a draft of new regulations that govern how the Mainland’s police use video monitoring technologies at different levels of the government, which, it is widely considered, the government abuses. It is very unusual that a significant pro-Mainland newspaper criticizes the Mainland’s national-level security system. In one article especially, the reporter directly named the former Chinese leader, Jiang Zemin, to be the force behind the development of the nationwide secret monitoring system. The article pointed out that Jiang’s regime approved the Golden Shield Project, which was designed to provide 360-degree monitoring of the entire Chinese population. Publicly available documents showed that Jiang Zemin, his son Jiang Mianheng, and the leadership of the Public Safety Ministry then headed the project. The multi-billion-dollar privacy-intrusive project had no record of any kind for approval or authorization from China’s People’s Congress. Oriental Daily has been Hong Kong’s number one in circulation since 1976, with a record readership of over 3,100,000.

Source: Oriental Daily, November 29, 2016