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Zhou Yongkang Stresses the Need for the Military to Promote Social Stability

Days before the August 1st “Army Day”, Zhou Yongkang, a member of the Central Committee Political Bureau Standing Committee, and Secretary of the Central Political and Law Commission, spoke at the national conference in recognition of “work to safeguard national defense and the interests of military personnel and their dependents.” Zhou stressed that all political and law agencies and related departments in the military should promote national security and its overall strategic development level in order to effectively safeguard the national defense interest and protect the legal rights of military personnel and their dependents, to enhance national defense, and to promote social harmony and stability.

Zhou warned of the existence of unstable elements such as the enemy forces that are unwilling to recognize the power that China has gained over the years, and would use all kinds of means to interfere and destroy. He referred to the “July 5” Xinjiang Riot as an example.

Source: Xinhua, July 22, 2009