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Huanqiu BBS: US Spends Millions to Pay Chinese Internet Spies

To counter claims by western medias on the, “China poses an Internet threat theory,” Quanqiu carried an article on its BBS sites denying that China could pose any Internet threat and counterclaiming that China has been the victim of cyber attacks by foreign countries. It also claimed that US intelligence agencies spend tens of millions of dollars every year to support a group of “Internet traitors” from China to infiltrate and instigate rebellion against China.

The article said, “Most of these Internet traitors are either losers or those without a stable income.” “They regularly visit various Chinese BBS sites and receive a fixed income from the US. … Intelligence agencies from the US or Japan hired them to publish articles to attack the Chinese government or spread rumors against us… Their topics target the government system, value concepts, or social morality. Many (democratic activists) carry extreme views against China.”

Source: Quanqiu, April 14, 2009