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Xinhua: Xi Jinping Pushes Military Structure and Reforms of Scale

Xinhua recently reported that Chinese President Xi Jinping delivered an important speech at the Central Military Committee’s Military Structure and Scale Reform Work Conference. In his speech, Xi declared the success of the historic military structural changes achieved in the past year, which modernized the Chinese military command system. He pointed out that the technological elements are having a more and more significant impact on how today’s military should be structured. He called for a new military that’s lean, integrated, small-sized, modular, and multi-functional. Xi asked the military reform to continue to deliver on quality and efficiency rather than quantity of headcounts. The military should get more technical, knowledgeable, multi-functional, and agile to win information-age wars. Xi insisted on reducing the size of the military while optimizing its structure towards a modernized standing army. He also reiterated the importance of advancing the anti-corruption movement in the military system.

Source: Xinhua, December 3, 2016