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RFA: China Has Become the Largest Fake Product Source for Canada’s Online Market

Radio Free Asia (RFA) recently reported that statistics showed China is now the largest source of counterfeit products for Canada’s online market. The International Anti-Counterfeit Coalition called for stopping the fake products at their origin. With the increasing popularity of online shopping, the counterfeits are being delivered via small express mail packages rather than traditional wholesale shipments, which significantly worsens the situation for Canadian law enforcement. According to lawyers who specialize in anti-counterfeiting cases, around 80 percent of the counterfeits are from China, although more and more manufacturers are moving to places like Vietnam, Malaysia, and the Philippines. The International Anti-Counterfeit Coalition is working with the supply-chain level Chinese platform vendors such as Alibaba and Taobao to stop counterfeit transactions within 24 hours of receiving complaints.

Source: Radio Free Asia, December 7, 2016