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“Remove Kim Jong-un” Slogans Appear on North Korean Paper Currency

DailyNK, a South Korean news site focusing on North Korean activities, recently reported, based on its own sources, that tens of 5000-yen paper currency bills were discovered in North Hamgyong Province having slogans on them such as “Remove Kim Jong-un” and “Down with Kim Jong-un.” Not long ago, people found similar fliers in Yanggang Province and North Hamgyong Province. The newly discovered currency bills were found near popular markets in the City of Hoeryong early in the morning. The local police kept the news as top secret and mobilized all available intelligence sources to trace the source. The work of checking the handwriting is also underway. Sources from government insiders suggested that this latest development showed there could be some coordinated anti-Kim activities across the provinces. In North Korea, this level of crime, if caught, could result in a death sentence to not only the individual who conducted the actives but also to his parents and children.

Source: DailyNK, December 19, 2016