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Promoting Red Culture

During the National People’s Congress and Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, several representatives talked about developing and promoting the “Red Culture” (praising the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) or its leaders or worshipping at the CCP’s historical sites from the wartime). Recently, many local governments have greatly promoted “red culture” including “red tourism,” “red movies,” “red songs,” and “red text messages.” Jiangxi Province allocated 30 billion yuan (near $5 billion dollar) to “Red Tourism” in 2009, a 25% increase over 2008.

The representatives suggested to change direction and use more attractive and catchy means instead of administrative orders to get people to buy into the “red culture.” Furthermore, redirection of Internet opinion by promoting “red culture” instead of “blocking” unwanted content is of importance. Most appropriately, developing “red culture” through innovation and new technologies should be a number one priority.

Source: Xinhua, March 11, 2010