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Red Flag Manuscript: The U.S. Threatens China’s Oil Imports

Red Flag Manuscript, a semi-monthly publication by Qiushi Magazine, published an article concerning China’s procurement of oil, which was written by a researcher from the Party Construction Research Institute, Communist Organization Department. The National Energy Commission, created on January 27, 2010, with Wen Jiabao as Director and Li Keqiang as the Deputy, is a clear indication that energy resources have become a top priority for China’s leaders.

The article claimed that U.S.’ control of the world’s oil supply and shipping routes are a potential threat to China’s procurement of energy resources. Not only is the U.S. well placed in the Middle East, but also is well established in the Caspian Sea through military cooperation with Azerbaijan and Armenia. Among the sixteen channels the US claims to control, three are directly linked to China’s survival. The U.S. patrols the Malacca strait with the excuse of anti-terrorism activities. this is a smoke screen and in reality it is to control China’s oil life-supply from the sea.

Source: Qiushi Magazine, February 26, 2010