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SWAT Officer Becomes China’s New Role Model

On March 16, Hu Jintao, the President and Chair of CCP’s Central Military Commission, issued a directive to “vigorously carry forward the advanced deeds and lofty spirit of Comrade Shen Zhandong,” a SWAT officer who reportedly died from “overwork on the frontlines in maintaining stability in the Xinjiang region.” 

According to Xinhua, Shen’s death came in the early morning on January 30, when he finished his patrol mission and returned to his residence. He was posthumously awarded the "First Class Heroic Model in National Public Security Organs" and the "China Youth Medal." Zhou Yongkong, the country’s security czar, and Meng Jianzhu, the Minister of Public Security, called for national police forces to learn from Shen as another role model to advance the party’s political agenda. 
Source: Xinhua, March 16