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Duowei: Australian Chinese to Boycott Chinese Ballet “Red Detachment of Women”

A watch dog group at Australia is concerned with China’s exporting its Communist culture overseas.

Duowei News reported on the response of The Australian Values Alliance to the Chinese ballet “Red Detachment of Women,” which is scheduled to perform on February 15, 2017, at  the Melbourne Arts Festival. On that day, this Chinese group is preparing to hold a protest against the Chinese Ballet. Local government officials have yet to respond to their demands.

Qi Jiazhen from the group said that the purpose of the “Red Detachment of Women” is to promote hatred and violence using the form of ballet. “It is actually propagating power out of the barrel of guns, declaring class hatred and class retaliation, preaching slaughter, and preaching robbery of the wealthy for the purpose of revenge, which are very anti-human.”

Qi also stressed that Western countries should be alert to China’s use of cultural exchanges to infiltrate Western society: “Their second step is infiltration by utilizing cultural exchange. The third step is to manipulate and the fourth is to take over. That is their plan around the world including in the United State, Australia, Taiwan and Hong Kong.”

Source: Duowei News, February 5, 2017