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United States Became Top Destination of China’s 2016 Overseas Investments

Well-known Chinese news site Tencent recently reported that, according to newly released statistics, China’s 2016 overseas commercial real estate investment reached a record high of US$38.3 billion, which constituted over 45 percent of China’s overall overseas investments. The United States was the largest destination of China’s investment money, totaling US$18.3 billion, which represented a 400 percent growth over 2015. Chinese investment in Britain increased 32 percent. Hong Kong, Korea, Canada and Germany all saw growth. However, since China’s foreign exchange reserve decreased US$69.1 billion in November, that month, the central government tightened up control of overseas investments. That control included a ban on investments over US$10 billion and restrictions on deals over US$1 billion. Experts expressed the belief that overseas investments will remain strong in 2017 due to the fact that investors typically expect a low return on domestic investments.

Source: Tencent, January 26, 2017