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Top Military Leaders’ Intense Foreign Visits

Xinhua republished an article from Wen Wei Po, stating that four Chinese top military leaders had visited ten countries in the past month. The Deputy Chairman of the Central Military Committee, Guo Boxiong, visited Australia, New Zealand, and Indonesia. The Minister of Defense, Liang Guanglei, visited Pakistan, Turkmenistan, and Kazakhstan. The PLA Chief of General Staff, Chen Bingde, visited Namibia, Angola, and Tanzania. Director Li Jinai of the PLA General Political Department visited Vietnam. These visits were creative and productive as they focused on countries in Asia, Australia, and Africa at the time when the Sino-U.S. and Sino-E.U. military relationships are at a complicated stage.

The article also stated that Li Jinai’s visit to Vietnam settled some emergent issues, but it didn’t specify the details.

Source: Xinhua, June 5, 2010