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Study Times: The U.S. Pursuit of Hegemony Unchanged

Study Times published some interpretations of major changes in the Obama’s US National Security Strategy Report when compared to that of the previous U.S. administration. The new strategy has clearly abandoned the pre-emptive strike approach of the Bush Administration. Moreover, it gives priority to multilateral relationships over unilateral relationship. It highlights the significance of economy, education, technology, energy, nuclear, Internet and space activities on national security.
“The intent is to expand U.S. power and influence and build an international order that is capable of overcoming the challenges of the 21st century. At the same time one should be aware that although the U.S. national security strategy has changed to some extent, the goal remains the same. The U.S. priority is to be the dominant force of the 21st century, maintain America’s global hegemony, and to strategically adjust itself based on a given period’s needs. Once its power if fortified, the U.S. will continue to harbor hegemonic thinking."

Source: Study Times, June 7, 2010