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Official Document Shows Police Have Been Monitoring and Controlling the Protests against Lotte Mart

According to a news report that Duowei published, a photo image of a document that Cangzhou City of Hebei Province issued showed that the city officials have issued directives to monitor and control the protests against Lotte Mart, a Korean supermarket {Lotte gave up a golf course it owns in South Korea for deployment of the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) system}. The document titled “assigned responsibilities to maintain stability in dealing with protests against Korea” requires that the local public and national security bureaus collect relevant information and conduct investigations of the protesters. The news report also mentioned that, based on the video tapes circulating on the Internet, police officers can be seen near Lotte Mart in Chengdu City of Sichuan Province maintaining security order while some of them have been dispersing the protesters near the Lotte Mart.

Source: Duowei News, March 12, 2017