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China Youth Daily: Is India Ready to Challenge China?

Commenting on Obama’s visit to India on November 7, 2010, an article in China Youth Daily said that some Indians want to challenge China, with U.S. backing. The U.S. supports India with economic ties and international diplomacy. Some Indians criticize China for using Pakistan to block India’s rise. They feel that it is the right time for India to challenge China for the leadership of South Asia and even for all of Asia. India is using diplomatic and economic means to win other Asian countries’ friendship in order to counter China’s expansion.

However, the article argued that the U.S. just wants to use India to counter China. The U.S wants itself, not India, to be the leader of Asia. Just like its relationship with Japan, the U.S. will never view India as an equal.

Source: China Youth Daily, November 9, 2010