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China Radio International: U.S. Monetary Policy Hurts China’s Economy

The U.S. has created a great challenge for China’s economy, China Radio International Online reported. The U.S. flooding the market with U.S. dollars has multiple impacts and effectively devalues the U.S. dollar: 1. It makes China lose money on its foreign reserve holdings of U.S. dollar based assets, such as U.S. Treasury bonds. 2. It puts great pressure on the renminbi to appreciate and hurt China’s export economy. 3. It provides the market with extra money that may come to China and continue pushing up China’s stock and housing market bubble. 4. It causes a big increase in the price of commodities such as oil, food, and iron ore, and in turn, it creates the pressure of inflation on China’s economy as China imports large quantities of these commodities. 5. It forces the Bank of China to increase the renminbi supply to maintain the renminbi exchange rate.

Source: China Radio International Online, November 9, 2010