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China Awards Top Overseas Chinese Talent for Returning to China

According to the website of the United Front Work Department of the CCP Central Committee, a ceremony to present the “China Western-Return Scholar Entrepreneur ‘Tengfei’ Award (the Soar Swiftly Award)” was held in Beijing on December 8, 2010. Jia Qinglin, the Chairman of the CCP People’s Political Consultative Conference, sent a congratulatory letter to the awards ceremony.

The Western Returned Scholars Association (, which is led by the CCP Central Committee Secretariat, together with the China Overseas-educated Talent Development Foundation, which is approved by the CCP United Front Work Department, co-sponsored the “Tengfei” Award.

The “Tengfei” Award is a response to the CCP Central Committee’s “1000 Talents Plan” (, a plan to support top overseas Chinese talent in returning to China in the next 5 to 10 years starting in 2008. From 1978 to the end of 2009, the total number of Chinese students studying abroad reached 1.6207 million. Nearly 497,400 students (less than 31%) returned to China after studying abroad.

Source: The United Front Work Department of the CCP Central Committee, December 9, 2010