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CRN: Large Adjustments in East Asia Since the Cold War

China Review News recently republished an article by Professor Zhu Feng from the School of International Relations, Peking University. Professor Zhu believes that the security structure in East Asia has been adjusting rapidly since the former post Cold War balance. The article described four adjustments: 1) “In the face of China’s rise, the U.S. involvement” brings “comfort” to the region; 2) Strategic competition between China and the primary powers in the region obviously extends to the level of naval forces; 3) Obama’s “Return to Asia” strategy over-emphasizes military alliances; 4) The Korean Peninsula situation is getting significantly worse – which may cause the Japanese to dramatically revitalize their arms situation. The author believes that two main factors have caused these adjustments: the change in the financial landscape of the region and China’s lack of a clear and consistent foreign policy.

Source: China Review News, December 24, 2010