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Urgent Need to Solve the Problem of Social Injustice in China

Study Times, a newspaper published by the Party School of the Central Committee of the CCP, published an article discussing the urgent need to solve the problem of serious social injustice in China. According to the article, social injustice is becoming more serious among most social groups in China. The younger generation, e.g., the “Rich 2nd Generation” and the “Poor 2nd Generation” has also inherited it. If China does not solve the problem of social injustice now, it may be too late.

China’s per capital GDP has reached U.S. $3,600 based on the foreign exchange rate in 2009. Thus it has the necessary economic foundation to enhance social justice by establishing a basic social security system. The article concludes that China must not miss the current opportunity to establish a basic social security system.

Source: Study Times, December 27, 2010