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China News: Microsoft Released a Windows 10 Version Customized for the Chinese Government

China News recently reported that Microsoft just released a custom version of its flagship operating system Windows 10 specifically customized for the Chinese government. The Chinese version contains a modification to the general version that may collect information and send to other devices. The special edition addressed the concern the Chinese government has on network security. It requires that the operating system only store hardware and software configuration information to local storage providers rather than to services hosted outside of China. The special edition also removed some applications that the Chinese government classified as unnecessary, such as games like Solitaire. Microsoft said the custom system also has a special help feature jointly developed with China Electronics Technology Group Corporation, which is a state-owned high-tech company that develops technology serving both the military and civilian markets. Some international experts expressed their concern that the local storage of information can actually enable the Chinese government to inspect information collected with this version of Windows 10.

Source: China News, May 26, 2017