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Xinhua: Xi Jinping Promotes Traditional Chinese Culture

Xinhua recently published an unusual commentary which discussed Chinese President Xi Jinping’s “deep thinking” on traditional Chinese culture. The commentary explained that the great traditional Chinese culture is one of the critical sources of the philosophy that fed into Xi’s governing practices. The article mentioned that Xi has emphasized the importance of the Chinese culture numerous times in speeches delivered in China as well as overseas. Each speech included ideas “deeply rooted in the Chinese culture.” In Communist Party Politburo meetings, Xi pointed out the significant importance of continuing this heritage of the great culture. He mentioned it in the Forum on Literature and Art Work and in the 80th Anniversary Celebration of the Central Party School. The article concluded that the answer to China’s problems can only be found on Chinese soil. {Editor’s note: Xinhua commentaries typically promote communism, socialism and other Communist Party related theories such as Marxism and the teachings of Lenin and Stalin. During the Culture Revolution, the Communist Party largely demolished traditional culture.}

Source: Xinhua, May 29, 2017