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Statements from Ministry of Foreign Affairs Suggests Opposing Interpretations on Legally Binding Law

On June 30, statements from Ministry of Foreign Affairs suggested that China interprets the law solely based on its own desire.

CCTV  reported that on June 30, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressed strong opposition against the U.S. selling weapons to Taiwan. It claimed that, “the sale of weapons seriously violates an international covenant and the principals within the Three Communiqués. It has damaged security interests and China’s sovereignty rights.” It urged the U.S. to “stop military assistance to Taiwan to avoid further damage to collaboration in important areas between China and U.S.”

The same spokesperson made an ironical statement regarding Hong Kong at the same time. Huanqiu reported that he asserted that the “Sino-British Joint Declaration” is a historical document. However, it no longer carries any realistic meaning and has no restraining power on how the Central Administration manages the Hong Kong special administrative region (SAR). The UK government has no sovereignty and governing powers over Hong Kong.” In responding to the statement from China, the British Foreign Office spokeswoman later issued a statement which said, according to Reuters, “The Sino-British Joint Declaration remains as valid today as it did when it was signed over thirty years ago.” “It is a legally binding treaty, registered with the UN and continues to be in force. As a co-signatory, the UK government is committed to monitoring its implementation closely” .

CCTV, June 30, 2017
Huanqiu, June 30, 2017